Hairy Babe Eugenia


I’ve always liked this girl Eugenia. She’s got a thick bush that you could easily notice from across the room. She’s also got a treasure trail and hair that goes right up and into her ass crack.

Eugenia also has hairy legs and I love that swirly hair on her ass. She’s got 10 very nice galleries available but unfortunately hasn’t come out with anything new for a few years now.

She’s 24 years old and is from Ekaterinburg, Russia. She loves hanging out at night clubs and especially likes to play billiards. I’d love to shoot a game with her some time. Just to make it interesting, let’s play for sex. The loser has to have sex with the winner for at least three hours.

This chick is a pretty nice spreader. I’d love to rub my dick on  her slit for a while before I fucked her. She’s a massage therapist, so if you got a cramp or something while you were fucking her she’d be able to rub it out for you. That’s convenient.

You can see all of Eugenia’s very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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